Wednesday, April 3, 7:30PM, Bowker Auditorium

Ranging from the sweet sounds of the Oud to pop and driving Rai-rock, the Arab North African Spring highlights the full range of Arab music combining the best known male and female young musicians from Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon on tour as one ensemble. These musicians are the embodiment of a new generation of Arab and Arab-American artists, a generation that not only brings together elements of both cultures in their music/lyrics, but also creates a new brand of music that is uniquely hip and equally innovative – music that is neither Westernized Arabic nor Arabized Western, but something brand new. With a focus on the ideas of “us” and “today,” these songs speak for freedom and choices.

$30, $15; FC, GCC, STCC and 17 & under $10

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5 Replies to “TEAL-One97”

  1. Dancing in the aisles of Bowker! Just amazing! What an uplifting, fun, amazing concert! Thanks for bringing the very talented TEAL-One97 to Amherst. The group has gained another big fan! Can’t wait to see them again.

  2. Left the performance early – this was one of the worse groups I have ever heard. I am of Syrian descent and this group was just terrible – really a poor choice for FAC to include in its program, which is usually first rate.

    These folks need the following:
    – A competent music director to help with their arrangements;
    – Much more discipline: they seem to think that they are really good, very precious;
    – Much more accomplished musicians. I grew up listening to the oud much of my early life, but what I heard last night was less than mediocre;
    – A sound board technician to get the mix right – poor mix, couldn’t hear the guitar player or the piano much, and it was way too load, really ruined the effect;
    – Lastly, limit the talking, the explanations, the self-conscious rap about their mission, etc. Great music needs none of this hype.

    In any case, too bad, but I do look forward to next Friday.

    Soldier on,

    Bob Bergquist

  3. Last nights performance was a real mixed bag. While the music rhthyms were interesting the overall sound volume was deafening and really detracted from the performance. Sound quality was poor and each instrument and vocal clashed rather than blended due to the volume.
    While they are talented the volume pretty much ruined the performsnce

  4. Last night’s performance was so loud it was painful. My ears are still ringing, 18 hours later. One should not have to bring ear plugs to a performance presented by FAC. What I could hear through the tissues I had stuffed in my ears was unique and innovative if a bit uneven in quality. I hope this group will continue to work and develop their sound but at a much, much lower volume!

  5. We LOVED the show. It was amazing music, with the most energetic musicians! As a plus -which dancing audience do appreciate very much- it was hosted in the Bowker Auditorium, which made this show -and a few others I’ve attended- to be enjoyed in a much nicer venue to get up and just dance!

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