Ballet Hispanico

Tuesday, April 3, 7:30pm, Concert Hall

Known for its magnetic energy and vivacious choreography, Ballet Hispanico’s works fuse Latin dance with elements of classical and contemporary forms to create a new sphere of concert dance in which theatricality and passion propel every move. Under the leadership of new artistic director Eduardo Vilaro, the company’s 13 stunning dancers “dance with elegance and lyricism… [their] graceful phrases look effortless. Audiences will return to see Ballet Hispanico for its enduring graciousness.” – Washington Post

Reserved Seating: $35, $30, $15; FC, GCC, STCC and 17 & under $10

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  1. LOVED last night’s performance,as did my two friends who attended the performance with me.


  2. Saying that the performance of Ballet Hispanico was delightful and mind-blowing at times would not be enough. They talked to my soul! I had never had the pleasure to see a dance performance in which body movement/expression, singing/vocalizing, and music lyrics were so wonderfully, sensually and joyfully intertwined on stage. Seeing and feeling the re-readings of the African and Hispanic Diaspora yesterday made me feel like home again. Thank you FAC folks for bringing this here!

  3. Thank you for bringing Ballet Hispanico to Amherst! The performance combined all the best elements of dance – athletic, graceful, intriguing, sometimes sexy, sometimes silly, and always stunning. We particularly appreciated the opportunity to take the free salsa workshop with the dancers the night before the performance. What a thrill to dance in the arms of Eduardo Vilaro! Thank you UMass FAC for bringing such top-notch companies to our town!

  4. I much enjoyed the show last night. The first and last numbers were favorites. The first was such fun.

    Thank you!

  5. Had a great time at last night’s show. The first piece, Nube Blanco, was my favorite. I loved the way they played around with flamenco moves and often made them funny instead of deadly serious. Very imaginative piece. The whole show was blast.

  6. I’m really a classical ballet lover but I did enjoy the second and third parts of the show anyway!

  7. I’m very pleased with the show. The technique of this dancers was remarkable. Charming and graceful movements, lovely old school music and wonderful modern choreography were the perfect combination for a delightful show.
    Thanks for bringing such talented ballet to Amherst. I enjoyed the Latin social with my

    Bien hecho!

  8. Club Havana was my favorite. This is not surprising as I’m more familiar and comfortable with classical ballet. I found the intermissions a bit long.

  9. The music was stupendous and the dancing some of the most original that I have ever seen. I was most fond of the first two pieces–but I have a preference for modern dance. They defied all my expectations and i would definitely see them again.

  10. Loved it- very creative. The first piece was my favorite. How fortunate we are to have such performances at our doorstep! I would have attended the salsa party if it had been earlier the same evening.

  11. It was a great contemporary show.
    I liked the last part of the first theme, it was all magical and pathetic.
    The secon amazing part was the second theme, Espritu Vivo. The music was fantastic and they had given the feeling of the stages of grief exellently.
    Had an amazing time and enthusiasm.


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