TAO: The Way of The Drum

Tuesday, March 27, 7:30pm Concert Hall

Reserved Seating: $35, 30, 15; FC, GCC, STCC and 17 & under $10

Move over KODO, here comes TAO! In this new production, athletic bodies and contemporary costumes meet explosive Taiko drumming and innovative choreography in a show that has critics waxing lyrical about TAO’s extraordinary precision, energy, and stamina. With hundreds of sold-out shows and more than a million spectators, TAO has proven that modern entertainment based on the traditional art of Japanese drumming, has massive international appeal.

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  1. This is my third drum performance at the FAC and I must say that it was by far the best. I have been a fan of Taiko drums since I saw my first performance at the FAC a few years ago. Its so amazing to see their energy and exciement as they pound on their small to huge drums. The comic intermissions were great and gave the audience a chance to participate as well (and I must say totally distract us from seeing what was going on through the curtain as they set up for the next set of songs).

    Definitely if they come back its something I’ll be attending!

    BTW if anyone reads this, there are a lot of TAO videos on youtube. Check them out. You might even recognize some of the routines and songs that they played last night.

  2. Last nights show was amazing. I have seen Kodo twice and absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed TAO too. I did not enjoy the comedy routines….they seemed pointless. However, the audience participation was fine.

    Costumes and scenery was spectacular. This show is a lot more flamboyant than Kodo but does lose something in the way of serenity. I did not leave feeling the same sense of wonder and satisfaction as I had with Kodo. I suppose this show is more in tune to our evolving need for more and more dynamic stimulation, but at times it seemed too “militaristic” to me and gave me a sense of unease.

  3. This performance was superb, from the opening curtain to the last cast bows. I have not seen any other drum performances such as the Taiko an although being a drummer myself I have to say the energy and athleticism far surpassed what I was expecting. I am sure to see these great musicians again when they are in the region, it will be a special treat . also the use of classical Japanese instruments was delightful to see as an all inclusive drum performance. Bravo The scenery and lighting brought a special kind of atmosphere to the concert hall. One last note, for anyone who sat close to the stage, as I did ( row b) there seemmed to be a very evocative scent coming from the stage that I could not describe other than to say it reminded me of an incense….

  4. Fabulous performance. I think my internal organs were rearranged. Superb coordination and atheleticism. The comedy was appropriate and welcome relief from the intensity and power of the primary performance. The occasional calm created by the flautists against the booming percussion actually allowed me to drift enough to cause my head to bob. Great enthusiastic performers.

  5. We loved the TAO concert in every respect. Not only were the drums drummatic and rhythmic, but the staging, sets, and lighting were marvelous. The first time we saw the lead woman standing silhouetted against the red moon backdrop, it was thrilling and beautiful. Also, we enjoyed the humor of the actors, the fact they too were enjoying he show, and the way in which they got the audience to participate.

    A GREAT evening!

  6. The performance by Tao was stunning and perfect from the first note through the finale. Such talent, physical prowess, amazing rhythmic bonding between them all. I loved the feeling of the drums through my body and felt uplifted all day today remembering the playful, lively, energetic, and original yet traditional treasure. The performers were so clearly in tune with each other and the “passing of the rhythm” was just stellar. I feel privilaged to have experieinced the performance. Arigato.

  7. A fine performance, with the many interacting rhythms, magnificent verve and athleticism, etc. Their aim was to create an entertainment and certainly the “humor” added to that, but please do not forget the more classical power and depth of KODO, which I would strongly urge the FAC to engage again soon. It is now time that KODO should return to our stage.

  8. Thank you Angel Tickets for the opportunity to share this awesome performance with some of our consumers. The report back is that everyone had a great time and thought the show was fantastic! They hope to have the chance to go see them again in the future.

  9. My two friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. We loved the combination of instruments. The lighthearteness of the performance was uplifting. The world could use this right now.
    The performance was flawless, impeccable.

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