Circa is movement at its most adventurous and dangerous. The exhilarating and physically astonishing, Brisbane-based company performs its self-titled remix CIRCA —a compilation of their three most acclaimed and engaging main-stage works. Combining physical beauty, extreme circus skills, and dance, seven performers move from highly complex tumbling sequences to fast-paced flashes of great intricacy where precision and timing are everything. The result is a new kind of circus, at once poetic, sensual, and immense.

Reserved Seating: $30, $25, $15; FC, GCC, STCC and 17 & under $10
Recommended for ages 10 and up. Performance Length: 80 minutes

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11 Replies to “CIRCA”

  1. Before seeing Circa, I had never left a performance feeling compelled to contact everyone I know to go see the show no matter where it is. My whole family was in awe and we spent the whole ride home and breakfast time going over and over the many phenomenal parts of the show. Kudos to the Fine Arts Center for bringing Circa to us. Thank you.

  2. Not our favorite performance. Our assessment: once was enough. Certainly talented and agile performers, but a bit corny. I think the children who were there enjoyed it.

  3. Overall we were astonished by the flexibility, strength and daring of each of the troup’s members. We had a little bit of a hard time seeing the more fine detail of some of the pieces, like the finger piece, which was frustrating; we were about in the middle of the theater. I might see them again but we don’t go to special events like this very often, so I think I would try something new if I were to splurge again.

  4. Well my opinion might differ a lot from the average audience since the one last night gave them a standing ovation. I thought the performers had quite amazing abilities; they could do things I had not imagined possible. But overall I did not find these things had much entertainment value, at least not for me. The finger guy was good, and the woman on the rope, or the man on the two elastic cords were impressive, but how many times do you have to have two men swinging a woman like a jump rope; certainly not the 20 times it happened. I was kind of bored by most of the activities, as physically impressive as they often were. I would not go back again. But maybe I just was having a bad day.

  5. Amazing! I would see them again in a heartbeat. I loved that they found a balance between acrobatic tricks and choreography that highlighted their abilities. I’ve never seen the human body move like that before and it was so impressive. The strength, flexibility, endurance, precision, and trust required for everything they did was unbelievable. Try doing a simple handstand and then think of all the things that they did. Mind-blowing.

  6. What a shame to miss an opportunity to hesr Aussies talk! …But I guess they were quite eloquent with their bodies. Astounding stretching of the bodies limits.

  7. What a stunning show. It seemed nearly impossible that they were able to do what I saw happening. They are a phenomenal team of exquisite performers! Bravo!

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