Upcoming events

AmericAura officially opens today, Monday, December 3rd at the Hampden Gallery here at the lovely UMass Amherst Campus. It’s “an exhibition of contemporary works on paper by fifty U.S. artists addressing the notion of national identity. The group includes emerging and professional artists, and enables the diversity of ethnic, racial, gender, philosophical, and political views to shine!” Go! Have fun!

And after having fun at the Hampden Gallery, why not visit the Augusta Savage Gallery? Their new exhibit just opened as well called “the the the is” and it’s “An installation inspired by John Coltrane, the shape of broccoli, Jean Micheal Basquiat, and Mohandas K. Ghandi.” It’s only here until December 7th to catch it before it goes!

Anyone interested in jazz, saxophones, music and/or is free Wednesday night on December 5th at 8:15pm should attend the Fred Anderson/Chad Taylor Duo concert happening at Bezanson Recital Hall. General tickets are ten bucks and students are FIVE! It’s practically a steal because where else can you hear live jazz saxophone music for five to ten bucks with Fred Anderson and Chad Taylor. “Fred Anderson is a commanding tenor saxophonist, and a leader of Chicago’s jazz community for over 30 years. Percussionist Chad Taylor formed the Chicago Underground Ensemble with Rob Mazurek in 1996, has worked with Peter Brotzmann, Leroy Jenkins and Joe McPhee, and is part of Chicago’s post-rock scene, where he has collaborated with Brokeback, Mouse on Mars, StereoLab, Tortoise and Jim O’Rourke.”

Take advantage of what the Fine Arts Center has to offer and enjoy yourself in this holiday season.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

The film called Little Red Flowers is playing at School of Management Room 137 on Wednesday, December 5, 7:00 pm. It’s in Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles. “A defiant kindergartener in 1950s Beijing refuses to conform in this effective and naturalistically acted cultural allegory.”

The art galleries hold their monthly Amherst Art Walk/UMass Art Hop on
Thursday, December 6 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

And, don’t forget to grab tickets for Cherish the Ladies for Wednesday, December 12 at the Concert Hall at 7:30 pm. Tickets: $35, $25, $15; Five College Students $15, $10, $7; Youth 17 and under $12. If you want to hear a sample: click . here

Have a wonderful week and stay safe on those icy streets.