Summer 2018 Lab News

Some new folks are joining the lab this Fall:  Kuan-Jung Huang, a new PhD student, and Bojana Ristic, a visiting grad student from BCBL.  Welcome, Kuan-Jung and Bojana!

Several new papers from the lab, on a disparate set of topics, are now in press. Requests for reprints are welcome.

One presents data from Lap-Ching Keung’s Masters Thesis on agreement with coordinate subjects:

  • Keung, L., & Staub, A. (2018).  Variable agreement with coordinate subjects is not a form of agreement attraction.  Journal of Memory and Language, 103, 1-18.

Another reports an experiment carried out by Sophia Dodge as part of an independent study, where we find that readers often fail to report a ‘the the’ sequence even when they directly fixate both instances of ‘the’!

  • Staub, A., Dodge, S., & Cohen. A. (in press).  Failure to notice function word repetitions and omissions in reading:  Are eye movements to blame?  Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

A third reports experiments showing that invalid parafoveal preview eliminates the standard predictability effect on early reading time measures.  I’ve talked about this work at the CUNY conference, Psychonomics, and elsewhere.

  • Staub, A., & Goddard, K. (in press).  The role of preview validity in predictability and frequency effects on eye movements in reading.  Journal of Experimental Psychology:  Learning, Memory, and Cognition.



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