Fall 2015 Lab News

After a sabbatical semester in the spring, and a summer spent working away from the lab, I plan to be taking on at least a few new undergrad RAs in Fall 2015.  If you’re interested in working in the lab, please contact me (Adrian Staub).

In other news….some new publications on their way to print include:

Cohen, A. L., & Staub, A. (in press). Within-subject consistency and between-subject variability in Bayesian reasoning strategies. Cognitive Psychology.

Abbott, M. J., & Staub, A. (in press). The effect of plausibility on eye movements in reading:  Testing E-Z Reader’s null predictions. Journal of Memory and Language.

Kretzschmar, F., Schlesewsky, M., & Staub, A. (in press). Dissociating word frequency and predictability effects in reading: Evidence from co-registration of eye movements and EEG. Journal of Experimental Psychology:  Learning, Memory, and Cognition.

This summer we had a research visit from Francesca Foppolo, of the University of Milan Bicocca, who was here to plan some experiments on processing of complement clause ambiguities in English, and processing of agreement with disjunctive subjects in both English and Italian.

Not sure yet what lab meeting schedule will look like for this Fall.  Stay tuned.

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