ReferenceUSA Is Back

We’ve re-established our subscription to ReferenceUSA, a directory of Canadian and U.S. businesses and residential white pages, as well as U.S. health care providers, job listings and internships, and new businesses. You can also search for consumer lifestyle data, such as apparel, motor vehicles, pets, sports, travel and more, with limits for name, city, and state.

If you have questions about this resource, contact Mike Davis, Business Reference Librarian, at 413-545-6822.

More Comics!

The Libraries have added the second volume of Underground and Independent Comics from Alexander Street Press. Included in our two volumes are over 420 adult comic and graphic novel series and 1,900 books with interviews and critical essay. You can browse by characters, genres, publishers, series and subjects or search the extensive indexing of the content.

If you have questions about this new resource, Ask Us!


New Oxford Bibliographies for Cinema & Media Studies and Communications

Oxford Bibliographies for Cinema & Media Studies and Communications provide introductions to subjects in each discipline and annotated citations for general overviews, reference works, journals, histories, interviews, biographies and more. You can browse by subject or search for keywords in citations, authors, sub-headings and sources.

If you’d like more information or have questions about these reference works, Ask Us!

Global Industries, U.S. Business Environments Added to IBISWorld

IBISWorld has two new components: Global Industry Reports and U.S. Business Environment Profiles. Coverage of financial, manufacturing, mining, retail, telecommunications and many other industries is now international in scope. Global Industry Reports include an industry definition, major players, supply chain and related industries, a glossary and additional resources. U.S. Business Environment Profiles include consumer behavior and demographic reports which affect U.S. industries.

Ask Us if you have questions about these resources.

Coverage Added to ProQuest Congressional Collections

The Libraries have added coverage to the following  ProQuest Congressional Collections:

  • Congressional Hearings, 2011-2013
  • Congressional Record, 1998-2001
  • U.S. Serial Set II, 2012-2013

These complement previously purchased date coverage for these collections, as well as Bills & Laws, Legislative Histories, House & Senate Documents and other collections.

If you have questions about using these collections, Ask Us!