New Music Sources Added

RIPM Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals, Plus Full-Text Online Archive and LibraryMusicSource have been added to the collections. RIPM+Online Archive provides indexing and content analysis of writings about music and culture between 1800-1950 in periodicals from 20 countries. The added online archive component includes primary source materials. LibraryMusicSource has partial and complete scores from over 35,000 classical works. You can browse by instrument or composer, or conduct a keyword search. Scores can be downloaded or printed.

Contact Pam Juengling, Music Liaison Librarian, at 413-454-1858 with questions or comments about these databases.


This is a shared account and space for the Electronic Resources unit to let you know about: -- online journals and databases we've added or deleted; -- system downtimes and access problems; -- highlights and points of interest.

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