We conduct research using interdisciplinary approaches to understand the complex engineered, environmental, and human systems to enable the provision of safe, reliable, and sustainable drinking water and sanitation services.

I am looking for students to join our group starting in Fall 2017 or earlier to work on research related to drinking water and sanitation quality, access, and reliability in developing countries and in the US. These could include using existing datasets and international field work in Africa and South Asia. Please contact me (ekumpel (at) umass (dot) edu) with your interests and qualifications, and apply to the CEE department at UMass. The deadline for applications for Fall 2017 is January 2nd 2017.

Current Research

  • Understanding the infrastructure and water quality impacts of intermittent water supplies
  • Mapping regulatory water quality monitoring systems in sub-Saharan Africa: Data collection patterns, information flows, and water quality
  • Impact assessment of Water Safety Plans in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Sampling strategies for testing microbial water quality in piped distribution systems and rural point sources

Schedule a meeting

If you are my undergraduate advisee or would otherwise like to schedule a meeting with me, please sign up here ekumpel.youcanbook.me