Daily Archives: April 13, 2011

Project Three Part One: Entering the UGC Fray

Weekend Update Wednesday

For Project Three, I decided to enter the user generated content fray by creating my own original content and putting it on both MassLive and Youtube. I spoofed Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update with my own content on local, state, and national issues. As a big fan of SNL, I hope I didn’t sully their name in any way by creating the video. It is a four minute long video and I really would like to see people’s comments (positive or negative) because it is really helpful if I decide to do something like this in the future. Also for reference, one of the jokes I made in my video had the same topic that was used on Chelsea Lately later that night. Great minds think alike I guess.   

The link for my video from MassLive can be seen here. My link from Youtube is at the beginning of the post.