Daily Archives: April 12, 2011

Assignment: Diggin’ It

For this assignment, we had to register and spend the week on either Reddit or Digg. I chose to sign up for Digg because I thought it seemed more interesting and easier to use than Reddit. I like these assignments because it gets me more and more integrated with the newer technology and websites because, without this class, I may have never used the platforms that I am assigned to use. I had a very positive experience with Digg, reading and “digging” articles, up-voting and down-voting links, creating my own links, and commenting on various stories. Here is what has gone on in this last week.

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Assignment: Yelp Reviews

One of our assignments for this week was to write two reviews on Yelp.

My first review was of a local diner in Oxford called “Carl’s Diner.” I would always go here before school with my friends and I had a very good experience every time I went. They would always drive around neighboring towns in a pink, pig shaped school bus and it was very well advertised in my area. The link to my review is here.

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