Project 2: Calling In

For this project, we had to call into a radio station and attempt to get on the air. For me, the result of the project was very disappointing. I was pretty sure going into the project that I would make it on the air for one of the stations that I regularly listen to: 98.5 The Sports Hub. After several tries, I did not succeed like I expected to, and I never made it on the air.

Note: I did not remember to tape the project because there wasn’t a ton of interaction between me and anybody else, just me listening to music for around 45 minutes.   

Here is what happened.

For Spring Break I went to Los Angeles for the week. I decided that I was in dire need of warm weather. I wanted to get the project done over Spring Break so I decided to do it while I was on vacation.

On Wednesday the 16th, I called into the local sports radio station 710 ESPN, to the show Mason and Ireland. Steve Mason and John Ireland were debating the NCAA Tournament and Mason argued that there should be 128 teams in the tournament while Ireland said it should have remained at 65. I was not going to call in until, through listening to the people calling in, a lot of people were in favor of expanding to 128 teams. I have been steadfast in my belief that it should remain at 65, because adding more teams just waters down the competition and you lose that excitement and intrigue that you have with 65 teams.

I figured I had a good chance to get put on the air because I was offering a differing viewpoint from the people calling in. Unfortunately, I unknowingly called when there was about 30 minutes left in the program. When I reached the screener, she asked me all my basic information and kindly asked me to hold. When the show reached commercial, she picked up the phone again and told me that they weren’t taking any more callers on that topic. I was told they were switching topics to the upcoming Clippers game that night, which coincidently I was attending, and then they were going to say their finals words. She apologized and I thanked her for her time, but I was extremely disappointed and decided to try again tomorrow, this time on another radio station.   

On Thursday the 17th, I was traveling to San Diego to golf 18 holes and then go to the San Diego Zoo. During the hour and a half drive to San Diego, I decided to listen to 98.5 The Sports Hub. Felger and Massarotti was on and I enjoy listening to them so I decided to call in from the road. I thought it would be extremely smart to call into a Boston radio station from Los Angeles because they don’t get many callers from there, so I thought I was differentiating myself from the typical fan.

During the time I was listening and attempting to call in, the guys were talking about the Boston Red Sox and how they looked in Spring Training and how they thought they would fare in the regular season, and potentially the postseason. Massarotti was surprised the Beckett was moved to fourth in the rotation and Felger was concerned about the way Daisuke Matsuzaka has been pitching in Spring Training and I decided to call in and offer my opinion on the topic at hand. My thoughts were, while Daisuke has struggled at times this spring, you know exactly what you are going to get from him during the regular season: 5 innings and giving up around 3 runs. I felt the bigger concern is Josh Beckett and they way he has looked this spring and in the past few seasons.  

When I called, the screener came on after about a minute and asked me what my name was, where I was calling from, and what my question was for Felger and Mazz. After I said my question, I was told to hold and I did, for around thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, another caller, asked the same question that I was going to ask if I got on the air. The screener came back on the line and asked if there was another question I wanted to ask, but I had nothing else to offer and he dropped the call.       

In retrospect, I think I could have tried a bit harder and maybe called a few more times throughout the week, but I was a bit disheartened that I failed in my first two attempts. I could have attempted to call into lesser known stations with smaller audiences to have a better chance to get on the air, but I wanted to aim high and call into stations that I was actually interested in. I think I was smart by trying to call from Los Angeles into a Boston station and I was very sure I was going to get on the air. Maybe if I was a little quicker on my feet, I could have been put on 98.5 The Sports Hub if I had any question after my first question was already taken.

Overall, it was a very interesting experience, and it is something I am going to try to do again in the future because the process of calling in was very cool. I have never called into a radio station before so this was a very new experience for me and I thought it was relatively easy to do. I learned a lot from this and I’m hoping next time I call in, I will finally get on the air.

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