Assignment: Wikipedia Editing

For this assignment, I edited an entry on Wikipedia regarding the Boston Celtics. I changed the Celtics record for this season, because the original post was a few weeks old. I changed the post to “The Celtics are currently tied with the Chicago Bulls for the best record in the Eastern Conference at 50-19 as of March 22, 2011, despite the extended absences of both O’Neal’s, Rondo, and West.”

It only took me a few minutes to post the edited information and I think that Wikipedia is extremely user friendly. It is extremely easy to change and edit information on it, which is one of the downsides of it. Most people don’t allow it to be a source because they question its’ validity. My submission was accepted and, as of now, it is still up. Nobody has added or subtracted to it yet, although in a few days or weeks my post will be edited because the Celtics record is constantly changing.

My experience with Wikipedia was very positive but I found it very challenging to find a topic for me to edit. It took me several minutes to find something to change and add to the conversation. I was tempted to write something utterly false and see how long it stayed up, but I refrained from that. Overall, I had a very positive experience with this Wikipedia assignment.

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