Assignment: How does Bogosian portray talk radio callers?

In Talk Radio, I feel that Eric Bogosian portrayed talk radio callers in a negative manner. Every talk radio caller was so opinionated, and often times, they attacked Barry Champlain personally. Bogosian really took thinks to an extreme, like the guy who threatened Barry with a bomb and another caller who was faking that his girlfriend was dying. Maybe it was more like this back when this play/book was written, but I don’t think it’s like that now

Barry reminds me of a Rush Limbaugh type, an opinionated blowhard who thinks that he’s better than everyone else. He is the true definition of a shock jock. His callers seemed to be a lot dumber than the typical talk radio caller, but Bogosian probably did this to make his story more entertaining and to help make his point. Barry would end calls before the caller even had a chance to say anything, which is completely inconsiderate and would not happen in today’s culture. Although if someone’s callers were as racist and dumb as Barry’s callers were, they probably would hang up too.  

This does not match my experience of listening to talk radio. I am a regular listener of sports radio and while there can be opinionated, uneducated callers at times; none are at the level that was depicted by Bogosian. I have not listened to the genre of radio that Barry hosts, so I’m not sure how those shows typically are. I feel that Bogosian was trying to make a lively, entertaining story, rather than be completely accurate.

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