Class Reflection

This class has flown by so fast and it is hard to believe that it is already ending. Summer vacation is fast approaching and now is the time to reflect on all the things I have experienced this semester. This Journalism as Conversation class has been a bright spot among the six classes I have taken this semester and it was probably the class I enjoyed the most.

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Entering the UGC Fray: Part Two

I was originally having some problems trying to decide what I was going to do for a video to enter the UGC fray. I didn’t want to do a picture at all because I’m not much of a photographer and I draw worse than most 8 year old kids. My growing frustration for the start of the Red Sox season and my knack for finding weird stories is what led me to doing my video. I have been a huge fan of Saturday Night Live for years and my favorite segment every week is Weekend Update with Seth Meyers. I love the wit the segment always has and it is always one of the funnier things I see every week.

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Project Three Part One: Entering the UGC Fray

Weekend Update Wednesday

For Project Three, I decided to enter the user generated content fray by creating my own original content and putting it on both MassLive and Youtube. I spoofed Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update with my own content on local, state, and national issues. As a big fan of SNL, I hope I didn’t sully their name in any way by creating the video. It is a four minute long video and I really would like to see people’s comments (positive or negative) because it is really helpful if I decide to do something like this in the future. Also for reference, one of the jokes I made in my video had the same topic that was used on Chelsea Lately later that night. Great minds think alike I guess.   

The link for my video from MassLive can be seen here. My link from Youtube is at the beginning of the post.

Assignment: Diggin’ It

For this assignment, we had to register and spend the week on either Reddit or Digg. I chose to sign up for Digg because I thought it seemed more interesting and easier to use than Reddit. I like these assignments because it gets me more and more integrated with the newer technology and websites because, without this class, I may have never used the platforms that I am assigned to use. I had a very positive experience with Digg, reading and “digging” articles, up-voting and down-voting links, creating my own links, and commenting on various stories. Here is what has gone on in this last week.

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Assignment: Yelp Reviews

One of our assignments for this week was to write two reviews on Yelp.

My first review was of a local diner in Oxford called “Carl’s Diner.” I would always go here before school with my friends and I had a very good experience every time I went. They would always drive around neighboring towns in a pink, pig shaped school bus and it was very well advertised in my area. The link to my review is here.

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Assignment on Viral Videos: It’s Friday for Colbert

For this assignment, I thought many people might choose Rebecca Black’s recent viral YouTube hit “Friday,” so my YouTube video is in the same vein. I chose to show Stephen Colbert, among others, singing “Friday” on the April 1st edition of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In the past 4 days, it has been viewed 130,000 times on YouTube, never mind the NBC website and other sites.

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Assignment: “In Praise of Scribes”

The modern point that Shirky is making by including the section “In Praise of Scribes” is one that I have heard several times since being admitted to the Journalism major: that it is becoming increasingly difficult for journalists to maintain their “professional” status. The way that Shirky wrote this was much more exciting and compelling than what I have been told in the past and he explained it in a way that I have never really thought of before.

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