External funding

Here are some of the current external grants held by Cognitive Science faculty at UMass Amherst

The Verbal Morpho-semantics and Clausal Architecture of Tlingit (NSF – Seth Cable, Linguistics)

CAREER: Testing a unified theory of perception and memory in the medial temporal lobe (NSF – Rosie Cowell, Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Aging and speech perception in complex listening environments (NIH – Karen Helfer, Communication Disorders)

Neural Habituation: A Unified Account of Visual Identification Dynamics across Tasks (NSF – David Huber, Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Computing constraint-based derivations: Phonological opacity and hidden structure learning (NSF – Joe Pater, Gaja Jarosz and John McCarthy, Linguistics)

“Science Live!” Workshop on the Acquisition of Recursion across Languages (NSF – Tom Roeper, Linguistics)

Effects of Syntactic Constituency on Phonology and Phonetics of Tone (NSF – Elisabeth Selkirk, Linguistics)

Individual variability in human brain connectivity, modeled using multi-scale dynamics under energy constraints (NSF – Hava Siegelmann, Information and Computer Sciences)

The benefit of naps on cognitive, emotional and motor learning in preschoolers. (NIH – Rebecca Spencer, Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Sleep-dependent memory processing in older adults. (NIH – Rebecca Spencer, Psychological and Brain Sciences)

CAREER: Modeling Response-Time Distributions to Test Theories of Event Memory (NSF – Jeffrey Starns, Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Microgenetic Learning Analytics (NSF – Florence Sullivan, Education)