Month: June 2016

Discussion: Is Bilingualism Really an Advantage?

From Joe Pater I had heard suspicions about the robustness of Bialystok’s findings from colleagues in Cognitive Psychology, so I wasn’t too surprised to see this. It’s of broader interest because it brings up some of the publication bias issues

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Discussion: Can a Neuroscientist Understand Donkey Kong, Let Alone a Brain?

From Joe Pater This seems to be a nice popular presentation of some provocative and interesting research. I’d be very interested to hear the thoughts of those of you who are more versed in neuroscience than me…

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June 13-15th: Computational Neuroscience and Vision Systems

Sorry I didn’t get this out until it already started! (Joe Pater) E-mail from Hava Siegelmann of June 7th: Attached is an agenda for a Computational Neuroscience meeting to occur next week at UMass Hotel. We are lucky to have

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