Grades Updated

Grades are loaded on OWL and SPIRE.

There were alot of good grades!  I went as low as 68.5% to give “C”, in order to be sure than anybody on that C/C- boundary got the benefit of the doubt.


Grading scale:

score    n                    grade
>540    48    16%    A
>530    11    4%    A-
>519    18    6%    B+
>479    46    15%    B
>474    8    3%    B-
>470    10    3%    C+
>411    80    27%    C
>396    17    6%    C-
>336    31    10%    D
38    13%    F

Points came from:

1) exams + blog (70% of points): 420 points (100 per MT, 120 for final; up to 5 extra points added for blog participation).

The lowest MT was replaced by a better final (on a percentage basis!) as shown by the extra column of numbers in the OWL Gradebook.

2) Lab (17% of points) 100 points

3) OWL (10% of points) 60 points.

4) PRS (3% of points) 20 points.


Letter grades have been placed on SPIRE

Letter grade regions will be pretty close to traditional percentages, but this is key:  you need a passinge exam average to pass the class. I accepted an exam average as passing if it were greater than 54%.

Did the final replace a MT?

Yes.  Probably.

The final exam is worth 120 points.  Each MT is only worth 100 points.  Therefore, the replacement of a low MT by a Final is on a percentage basis.

For example, your lowest MT = 55, your final = 90.  You do not get a 90 for that low MT.  Instead, you get (100*90/120 = 75).  So a “75” replaces the “55”.  Please double check your calculation of percentages – before you write to ask about this!

Merry Christmas!

Final Exam – Friday, Dec. 18

Final Exam – Friday, December 18

4:00 – 6:30 PM      Thompson Hall 102/104

Cumulative exam, 41 questions (each question is worth 3.0000000 points for a total of 120 points.  so one Q could lead to bonus points)

Final and Answers

The exam was scaled by adding 6 points to every exam, as two questions were a little weird.  Absolutely correct, mind you, but they tested weirdly.  So the resulting exam average was 82.3 points (27.4 Q correct).

Practice exam (From Prof. Adams, 2008)

University Exam Policy

For extraordinary reasons, I can offer a final exam at a time other than the normal time – contact me ASAP for more information.  But please make sure that your reason is a good one (see the Univ. Exam. Policy).

Wednesday Final Exam Review Session 6:30 PM, ISB 135

Thursday: Extra Review Session 6:00 PM ISB 135