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Should we concentrate on structural interventions that target social determinants for HIV prevention? Impressive project from students in my 200-level class

Project from my 200-level GenEd class, 16 students from 8 different majors – engineering, public health, computer science, economics, physics, biology, management, journalism. They did a literature review for identifying quantified correlations between social determinants and behavior, and behavior and HIV. And developed a differential equations simulation model for predicting impact of addressing social determinants. So proud of them!

Vijeta Deshpande accepts an internship job at Avenir Health

Vijeta will develop Markov processes based analytic models for predicting disease risks including acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic hearth disease, and risks of indoor air pollution.  He will work closely with experts in statistics, public policy, and software development.  Avenir Health is a non profit organization in Connecticut that works closely with multiple United Nations agencies and partners in developing open access decision analytic models for disease prevention. This internship will be a significant step in completion of his MS thesis in disease modeling of cancers for Peru. Good luck Vijeta!

Nazanin, at INFORMS 2018, is determined to influence policy changes through her research in disease decision-analytic modeling

“It was a great opportunity to participate in INFORMS annual meeting 2018, a gigantic conference gathering engineers and scientists from across the globe. The contribution we as IEOR can have on different areas have a great societal impact.  The key is to not only contribute to the math but more importantly concentrate on “after the math”, translation of the model and results to non-technical policy makers. “