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‘Teaching game theory to high school girls also inspired me a lot’ say PhD students

Kudos to PhD students Xinmeng Zhao, Shifali Bansal, and Sonza Singh for volunteering, and a shout-out to the instructor Destinie Nock, PhD student from Prof Erin Baker’s lab, for the successful activity that inspired students and mentors alike. The activity was titled “Optimizing the Electric Grid – Let’s Bid”. The volunteers reflected on the vital role they can play, through such instructional activities, in inspiring more girls to pursue a career in engineering and engaging in solving the 21st century challenges of our society. The activity was part of the ‘Women in Engineering and Computing Career Day for High School Girls’ organized by the College of Engineering Diversity Program at UMass Amherst  

Rebecca Castonguay and Shifali Bansal participated in the Society for Women Engineering conference in Minneapolis

The students note that “the best thing I’ve gotten from this conference is knowing that I can advocate for myself to companies and not only are companies interviewing me but I’m interviewing the companies.” I can further confidently attest that the rewards are higher for the company that hires you, and then its just a matter of finding your Nash equilibria