RSO Activation

September’s almost here and it’s time for RSOs to activate for the new year. You need to do FOUR things this year.

  1. Fill out an information sheet. If you already did this, great! If the information has changed, please do a new one.
  2. Read the anti-hazing law, do what it says and submit the anti-hazing form to the Resource Center.
  3. Attend RSO Officer orientation. Four Officers should attend. Dates and times are listed on our website with the registration form. Please note there are only three sessions this semester. Don’t miss them!!
  4. NEW REQUIREMENT Submit a list of your current members to the Resource Center.

All of these things must be done by September 30 for your group to be active this fall.

Activities Expo


Clear your calendars for the Activities Expo on September 3, 4-7 pm. We’ve been promoting it at the New Students Orientation all summer and they are anxious to meet the students in the RSOs and talk to you about joining. If you registered you should have already heard the details. If you haven’t registered but want to participate, come to the library deck at 4:00 and we’ll try to fit you in.

Year-end & Summer Spending

The CSD Business Staff have released a memo concerning spending guidelines/deadlines for the end of the semester as well as for summer. RSOs and Agencies who will be operating over the summer should read the memo in it’s entireity. Here are some highlights:

  • Summer student payroll goes from May 25 – August 23
  • Students working over the summer must submit a new payroll request
  • June 4 is the last day to take invoices 
  • June 16 is the last day for purchase orders

See the full memo (Summer 2008 Spending Deadlines, PDF 40KB) for additional details.

(photo: Susan Noble Smith)

RSO Information Form

Many RSOs have recently held elections for next year. The CSD needs to know who the new officers are so we can update our database and send information to the right people. It may not seem urgent now, but when we announce the officer orientation dates for September, we want the current officers to get that. Please go to our website to fill out an updated information sheet. You’ll need to know the names, e-mails and phone numbers of your new officers. You can do this any time and can revise it if things change.

UPDATE: We are only requesting the names of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. If you have more names you want to submit you can e-mail them to but it is not required.

Click here to register>

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Resetting RSO OIT Accounts

In order to maintain accurate records and to (hopefully) increase usage, we are planning on resetting organizational accounts ( over the summer sometime. To get the new login information, you simply need to fill out a new information provider contract (which will hopefully be online at that point). This way we can make sure that we know who has access to each account and monitor their overall usage. I was thinking that summer would be best because it is usually after new leadership has taken over, but before (and after) critical communication is being done. What do folks think? Let me know in the comments.

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2nd Annual Sammie Awards

Sammies Logo

In recognition of the outstanding contributions of our students to the greater UMass Amherst community, The Center for Student Development cordially invites you to attend the 2nd Annual Student Life Awards Ceremony

“The Sammies”
Tuesday, May 6, 2008
7:00 pm
Campus Center Auditorium
Reception immediately following program
– Semi Formal Attire –

Activities Expo Registration!

Juggling Club Expo

Registration is open for the First Week Activities Expo. This was a great success this fall and many RSOs took advantage of it to increase recruitment and showcase what they do. This year we expect nearly all active RSOs to participate and for it to be the best expo yet! The expo will be September 3, 2008 outside around the library deck. Hope to see you all there!

Activities Expo Registration

Scheduling Tool

Every have trouble finding a meeting time for you and your group? I ran across this very simple and easy to use scheduling tool online. There is no need to register, you simply visit and shade over the time that you’re available. It’ll send an e-mail to you and you can forward it to everyone in your group/meeting and they can adjust the available time. You end up with (ideally) with only the times that are good for everyone.