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RSO Activation Reminder

Have you activated your group yet?  Please go to

Remember, every RSO, sorority and fraternity must do all four of these things to be active:

  • Information sheet – online form
  • Anti-hazing compliance form
  • membership list
  • return your SR cards

All these things are due by September 30.

And by the way, 658 of you attended RSOOO!  Congratulations

RSO Activation

September’s almost here and it’s time for RSOs to activate for the new year. You need to do FOUR things this year.

  1. Fill out an information sheet. If you already did this, great! If the information has changed, please do a new one.
  2. Read the anti-hazing law, do what it says and submit the anti-hazing form to the Resource Center.
  3. Attend RSO Officer orientation. Four Officers should attend. Dates and times are listed on our website with the registration form. Please note there are only three sessions this semester. Don’t miss them!!
  4. NEW REQUIREMENT Submit a list of your current members to the Resource Center.

All of these things must be done by September 30 for your group to be active this fall.

RSO Information Form

Many RSOs have recently held elections for next year. The CSD needs to know who the new officers are so we can update our database and send information to the right people. It may not seem urgent now, but when we announce the officer orientation dates for September, we want the current officers to get that. Please go to our website to fill out an updated information sheet. You’ll need to know the names, e-mails and phone numbers of your new officers. You can do this any time and can revise it if things change.

UPDATE: We are only requesting the names of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. If you have more names you want to submit you can e-mail them to but it is not required.

Click here to register>

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Technology Workshop Materials

I told those that attended the Technology Workshop at RSOOO that I would put some of the materials from the session online. I also thought it might be useful to others. This is a brief writeup, but it talks about using the following services with your organization.

1) Creating or getting access to an organizational/RSO e-mail address.

2) Creating mailing lists using the UMass Mailman Service.

3) Using the UDrive to store and share files amongst the members of the organization and the public.

4) Using UMass Blogs to easily create webpages for your organization.

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SGA Budget Workshops

The SGA has announced the dates for their budget workshops. All RSOs who want a budget have to attend one of these (or one of the ones that were offered in December) in order to request a budget.

  • 6:00pm -Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 -Campus Center 904
  • 6:00pm – Thursday, February 7th, 2008 – Campus Center 904
  • 6:00pm – Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 – Campus Center 904
  • 6:00pm – Thursday, February 14th, 2008 – Campus Center 904

If you have any questions, contact Yannick Brookes, Chair of the Ways and Means committee at:

Signature Responsibility

I sent a notice to the SR list serve yesterday about the upcoming RSO Officer Orientation workshops.  (If you need to know the dates see the end of this post).  In response I got some questions about whether our records are up to date.  I realized that I forgot to send the Events Office an updated SR list after the December RSOOO.  I’ve fixed that so they should be up to date.  But feel free to e-mail me or call me at 545-1280 if you run into a problem.

The dates for RSOOO are:

February 2, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

February 5, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

You can sign up on the CSD web page

Technology Workshop

As Phee mentioned in a previous post, one of the sessions we are looking at adding to RSOOO is one on the use of technology. I’m going to be working on this during January. The topics I’m thinking of off the top of my head are:

  • Organizational E-mail Accounts (
  • Setting up mailing lists using the UMass OIT mailing list manager
  • Accessing UMass web accounts
  • Creating a blog with your organizational e-mail (like this blog)
  • Effective uses of Facebook
  • “Passing the Torch” to future members

So that is what I have so far. Any other ideas of things that could be included?

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This morning several advisors met to review the oh-so-popular RSOOO.  We’ve come up with some new ideas for the sessions to make it more relevant to all officers.  We also did some creative brainstorming of titles to make it more fun.   Session topics will include goal setting, a personality test, and a technology session.

Some of the other things we’re working on are a training session in April, some new on-line support for RSOs (like this blog) and ways to give RSOs more personal advising.