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New RSO Advisor assignments

We’ve had some staff changes and that means some RSOs are getting a new advisor. Shaun Jamieson has moved on to a new position in another area (we wish him well) and Sara Littlecrow-Russell has joined the advising staff. We’ve shuffled the advisor assignments a bit as well so make sure to check the list to see if your group has a new advisor.


We’re excited to welcome you back to campus with a whole week of activities. Highlights include:

Activities Expo on Wednesday from 4 – 7 pm on the library promenade

Green BBQ on Monday from 4 – 7 pm on the library lawn

Student Union Shutdown on Friday from 8 pm – 12 am in the Student Union

Comedy night featuring Charlie Murphy and Bill Burr on Saturday at 7 pm and 10 pm in the Fine Arts Center Concert Hall.

Check out the rest of the schedule at

New Event Planning Procedures

We want to make the planning for RSO events smoother so we ‘ve added a new step to the event planning process.

To register your event you will meet with your CSD advisor to discuss the feasibility of your plans. Together you and your advisor will review the goals of the event, create a preliminary budget and discuss timelines. After doing this, the rest of the planning should be a lot easier.

You won’t meet with Melinda, our Scheduling Coordinator, until after this “pre-event advisor meeting.” So make an appointment with your advisor as soon as you start thinking about planning an event and follow it with an appointment with Melinda.

We also want to help your treasurers stay informed, so the treasurer must attend the pre-event advising meeting, as well as the event coordinator.

Sometimes change is good.

Photo by David Reece

RSO Officer Orientation

This fall we have hired Tracy Knofla from High Impact Training to give you the best possible leadership training.

After Tracy builds your excitement about your role as an RSO leader you will be able to choose from a number of break out sessions to learn more about your specific responsibilities. The training will close with the traditional signature responsibility training for those who need it.

The dates are September 15, 16 & 17, from 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm in the basement of the Campus Center. Choose one date and sign up on our website.

These are the only dates we are offering this fall, so don’t miss them. If you do you’ll have to wait until spring to activate.

RSO Activation

September’s almost here and it’s time for RSOs to activate for the new year. You need to do FOUR things this year.

  1. Fill out an information sheet. If you already did this, great! If the information has changed, please do a new one.
  2. Read the anti-hazing law, do what it says and submit the anti-hazing form to the Resource Center.
  3. Attend RSO Officer orientation. Four Officers should attend. Dates and times are listed on our website with the registration form. Please note there are only three sessions this semester. Don’t miss them!!
  4. NEW REQUIREMENT Submit a list of your current members to the Resource Center.

All of these things must be done by September 30 for your group to be active this fall.

Activities Expo


Clear your calendars for the Activities Expo on September 3, 4-7 pm. We’ve been promoting it at the New Students Orientation all summer and they are anxious to meet the students in the RSOs and talk to you about joining. If you registered you should have already heard the details. If you haven’t registered but want to participate, come to the library deck at 4:00 and we’ll try to fit you in.