Old Web Sites

Recently one of the RSOs discovered they had an old website in addition to their current, up to date one.  I asked OIT to remove the old one, but I wonder how many other RSOs have old websites. 

Do you know if you have one?  You might be surprised what a member of your group did five years ago and then abandoned.

There are several ways to find out if you have an old web site hanging around.  You can google your group’s name and see what you find.  Or you can do a search on the UMass site.  Or you can ask me if your group has more than one OIT account.  I’ve got a list of all accounts and I’m going to e-mail your president or information provider to let you know if you have two accounts.If you do have a UMass account that needs to be eliminated you can e-mail me at paradise@stuaf.umass.edu and I’ll contact OIT for you.  They are pretty responsive to my requests.

Photo: eurlife

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