World Events in 2018

News media generally go to town with their “Year in Review” pieces in December, so I’m a little late with mine.  In the past ten years, I’ve rarely repeated blog post subjects, but I’ve written on this “major events” theme twice already, so why not do it a third time?  Here goes.

These are my picks for the major newsworthy events of 2018:

  • Jan – Amazon announces 20 finalist cities for HQ2
  • Feb – Winter Olympics in South Korea; Parkland FL school shooting
  • Mar – Russian diplomats expelled from many EU states
  • Apr – Starbucks closes one day for race training
  • May – Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan in London
  • Jun – US-North Korea Summit in Singapore
  • Jul – France wins FIFA World Cup; Thai cave rescue
  • Aug – Apple is $1 trillion company; NASA launches solar probe
  • Sep – Hurricane Florence damages the Carolinas
  • Oct – Controversial Supreme Court justice confirmation hearings
  • Nov – Mid-term elections return House to Dems; California wildfires
  • Dec – Riots in France; US government begins partial shutdown

When I began reviewing news stories from last year, I had a hard time determining which events might possibly have a major long-term impact on the world.  I don’t think humans do this sort of thing very easily (thanks, evolution).  It might help if we could take a big step backwards every so often and think on the scale of the universe.  To that end, I was intrigued by the perspective of paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara in this short meditation on the New Horizons mission and Ultima Thule, wherein he reflects on the concept of “Deep Time.”

Dear readers, have a safe and prosperous 2019.


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