Sunday Feb 28, Glop-fact

In which new clues are revealed in the case of the curious glop.

Sunday Feb 21:  Art or fact?

In which I puzzle over whether something was made by nature or by human hand.

Sunday Feb 7, Galileo’s Middle Finger

In which I muse on an extraordinary and excellent recent book by Alice Dreger

Sunday Jan 24:  Glop on the wall

In which my disappointing week is laid bare.

Jan 17th Ticking over

In which you might take to me to task for multi-tasking but.

In which I confront the demon of variation and watermelon peas.

Jan 3rd. 2016 hoorah!

In which waves about oscillations continue and new waves lap against the cell wall

Sunday Nov. 15th. Noise abatement

In which we encounter the difficulties of troubleshooting at two targets at once. Click title to read more…

In which I make noise about noise. Reat it…

       OK, as I wrote last time (lab fab season 2), the past week’s agenda was to find the noise. First, I replaced the microscope bulb with a new one and saw the same fluctuating intensity. OK, not the bulb. Then,…