Oct 30: Bouncing back to bouncing

Where correlation is exalted without any worries over causation. Also Principal Component principles are waved as we speed by.

In medias musho,  Oct 16th

In which I write about flecks, possibly inspired by seeing Bela Fleck and a Flecktone (Victor Wooton).

Oct 9th   From collection to analysis

In which the process of experimentation starts to move from the bench to the computer. Does this still count as “lab” work?

A short post, and I hope a sweet one…

Sept 18th: Mounting tension

With a set of new sections from Joe Hill rotating slowly on bench, and no obstacles looming, it was time to see what a fresh set of samples would do. On Monday, I moved them from ethanol to t-butanol. The…

Sept 11   The case of the missing data bar

A data bar has neither chocolate nor flour but is sweet all the same. A thousand of them vanished on my computer, making me full of sourness. But I am getting ahead of the story. This week’s adventure in science…

March 6, To bleach or not bleach

A short post on the virtues or otherwise of using bleach

Sunday Feb 28, Glop-fact

In which new clues are revealed in the case of the curious glop.

Sunday Feb 21:  Art or fact?

In which I puzzle over whether something was made by nature or by human hand.