Sept 18th: Mounting tension

With a set of new sections from Joe Hill rotating slowly on bench, and no obstacles looming, it was time to see what a fresh set of samples would do. On Monday, I moved them from ethanol to t-butanol. The…

Sept 11   The case of the missing data bar

A data bar has neither chocolate nor flour but is sweet all the same. A thousand of them vanished on my computer, making me full of sourness. But I am getting ahead of the story. This week’s adventure in science…

March 6, To bleach or not bleach

A short post on the virtues or otherwise of using bleach

Sunday Feb 28, Glop-fact

In which new clues are revealed in the case of the curious glop.

Sunday Feb 21:  Art or fact?

In which I puzzle over whether something was made by nature or by human hand.

Sunday Feb 7, Galileo’s Middle Finger

In which I muse on an extraordinary and excellent recent book by Alice Dreger

Sunday Jan 24:  Glop on the wall

In which my disappointing week is laid bare.

Jan 17th Ticking over

In which you might take to me to task for multi-tasking but.

In which I confront the demon of variation and watermelon peas.