Strength in numbers, or so I hope

In which a mighty watershed is crossed, from the headwaters of the experiment to the analysis catchment, and the many feelings this arouses described.

Weekly grind

Where progress is made toward purifying cell walls.


Blogging returns after a 3 month hiatus with a brief account of what happens to cell walls when cells are ground up.

Scientist as trucker

Last Wednesday, I drove to Manhattan to pick up an Illumina GAIIx gene sequencing machine (Fig. 1). Arguably, I have never written a sentence less probable. I hardly sequence DNA by the kilo-base, let alone by the giga-base, and driving…

A wee dram of data

What do you call a woman who drinks too much? … … A dram queen. OK ok, sorry, couldn’t resist, on with the tales of lab dram. This week, I slipped the traces of the computer and pulled the lab…

Measure for measure

This week, I have been measuring. This sounds as though I have been holding up a ruler to measure how high my plants have grown, or perhaps putting a dozen leaves on a balance. But no, I am using a…

Literary pursuits

No, I haven’t decided to write a novel. And no, I am not being quaint when I use the word ‘literary’ to refer to the work on manuscripts and proposals that has occupied my fingers since the last post, several…

Kandinsky cells

In which I describe experiments that produced cells looking rather like a Kandinsky print. Is this an Art-ifact?

Set your diSPIMs to stun

In which I regale the reader with tales of the diSPIM


Lots of careful measurement reveals a couple of … factlets.