Double negative

The case of the callow calibration solved!

Red bands of courage

A short and maybe sweet account of further doings at MBL

Marine Biological Laboratory

In which my sojourn at MBL commences.

A star in my roots

Did someone bash me upside the head? I was seeing stars…

Getting maize ready for its close-up

Posting, at last (!) after a few weeks because I wearied of writing about impediments to lab-work. But this past week, I lab-worked. On Monday, I set up maize seed for germination, in the handy rig with the hands. On…

Looking through the window at the pretty cakes

More lab displacement activity


Treading water mainly


We take a break from maize roots and doofuses to deal with X-rays.

Time course, round 1

Lots of graphs! An experiment that is more than fiddling with the system. Actual data!


The debut of fat roots.