Two cheers for the towel doofus! Dec 10, 2017

In which illustrates the painful truism that an experiment working the first time takes a long time to work well again.

Roots: smothered and frustrated

In which the simplest things go wrong…

Plate Flip   Nov 11

In which the story is told of a fallen plate.

Trouble with towels and paper cutters,   Nov 5

A discovery is made and another circumstance questioned

Toxic towels; October 29th

In which the curse of toxic towel is revealed.

Oct 15  Roots on plates

Where adventures in maize root kinetics begin.

In which the passing of segments is noted and not really lamented

Oct 1  Pewter Queen

In which Silver Queen loses a bit of its luster

Sept 24 A uniform surprise

In which I extol the excellence of the Silver Queen

Sept 17 Silver Queen

In which I describe experiences had watching the grass grow.