Going with the fluidics

All six washing machines are filled. Maybe I am earlier than on past Sundays or maybe the place is busier? One of the machines was done, and feeling a little sheepish handling someone else’s clothing, I placed it on top…

Sky pilot

I tell the tale of a preliminary, or pilot, experiment. The ‘sky’ comes in as I spend time looking out the window from my office. Sea too.

Number weaving

In which the week’s progress is recounted and as a bonus I invent a good term for calesthenics with numbers.

Light blog

A quiet week at Woods Hole.

MBL reprise

And fires get laid and lit at MBL with the summer projects begining.

Convenience destroys

In which the losses a text suffer from abbreviations and acronyms are chronicled.

Breath held

In which the joys of numerical analysis are recounted. Learn about the amazing goScript.

Strength in numbers, or so I hope

In which a mighty watershed is crossed, from the headwaters of the experiment to the analysis catchment, and the many feelings this arouses described.

Weekly grind

Where progress is made toward purifying cell walls.


Blogging returns after a 3 month hiatus with a brief account of what happens to cell walls when cells are ground up.