Drip drip drip

In which the slow and careful progress of trial and error drips and drips.

The pause that refreshes

A scary post featuring a poltergeist!

Trouble in root land

Is the doofus a dangerous doozie of a dongle?

Look Ma, no hands!

In which we say farewell to the doofus, at least for experiments.

Score one for older roots

In which I recount achieved stability and trouble with my doofus.

The search for stability

In which many graphs are shown and a fine windmill glimpsed on the horizon.

Two cheers for the towel doofus! Dec 10, 2017

In which illustrates the painful truism that an experiment working the first time takes a long time to work well again.

Roots: smothered and frustrated

In which the simplest things go wrong…

Plate Flip   Nov 11

In which the story is told of a fallen plate.

Trouble with towels and paper cutters,   Nov 5

A discovery is made and another circumstance questioned