May 21st  Brookhaven ready or not

In which for a change an assumption is confirmed.

May 14th  Benched

In which I regale the reader with accounts of the preparations needed for my next trip to the synchrotron.

Feb 12th  X-ray visions

In which you might want to apply scattering and scatterbrained in the same breath.

Jan 16th  Feeding the lab cat

Internet loves cats! Even figurative ones? Read and find out…

Jan 8th 2017 Segment du jour

In which the red light hypothesis is soundly refuted, Popperians be happy!

Experiments take a backseat to Mr Language Person. Come say hi!

November 6th  Segmentations

Don’t worry — except for a mutter in the first paragraph, this post is not political. It is about segments. Plant stem segments. Safe for troubled psyches.

Oct 30: Bouncing back to bouncing

Where correlation is exalted without any worries over causation. Also Principal Component principles are waved as we speed by.

In medias musho,  Oct 16th

In which I write about flecks, possibly inspired by seeing Bela Fleck and a Flecktone (Victor Wooton).