Oct 15  Roots on plates

Where adventures in maize root kinetics begin.

In which the passing of segments is noted and not really lamented

Oct 1  Pewter Queen

In which Silver Queen loses a bit of its luster

Sept 24 A uniform surprise

In which I extol the excellence of the Silver Queen

Sept 17 Silver Queen

In which I describe experiences had watching the grass grow.

Sept 10, Holy Coly!

Coleoptiles looking good

Sept 3rd, Blogarhythm

The loophole closes

Where I excuse myself for summer blog blockage and hoe into the latest on forcing my segments to behave

May 21st  Brookhaven ready or not

In which for a change an assumption is confirmed.

May 14th  Benched

In which I regale the reader with accounts of the preparations needed for my next trip to the synchrotron.