Internship Experiences

“A Day in the life of a Sociology Student” will showcase Sociology majors who are doing great things, like interning, studying abroad and more!
Hopefully the stories of these students will let you know what kind of opportunities are available, and what your fellow students are accomplishing.

UMass Sociology student Haley Cunningham is currently interning at Fiske Elementary School.

The following is a letter in which she describes what she has been up to.

This week was good. The teacher I TA for was out sick this week so I was helping out a lot. The kids are working on publishing stories that they wrote. We have them choose their favorite “small moment” that they wrote about and we type it up on the computer with them and then have them draw detailed pictures as we put “special publishing tape” down the spine to make them look more professional. The idea of a small idea is to get the kids to take a moment that happened during the day and stretch it out into a whole story. This helps the kids realize how to make moments into longer and more detailed stories.
We finally finished our ABC books! Took us a while and now were just reviewing each kids books and making sure they are done. We are starting to learn silent letters as well. This is very tricky for the kids to get but they are doing well with it. As for math we are still focusing on shapes. We are having the kids free play with clay to make shapes on their own (they are so cute with it). We are also having the kids make pattern block puzzles into animals and stuff. The kids are great and I am really going to miss them in May!

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