Internship Experiences

“A Day in the life of a Sociology Student” will showcase Sociology majors who are doing great things, like interning, studying abroad and more!
Hopefully the stories of these students will let you know what kind of opportunities are available, and what your fellow students are accomplishing.

UMass Sociology student Haley Cunningham is currently interning at Fiske Elementary School.

The following is a letter in which she describes what she has been up to.

This week has been interesting. Since we are in March now, we have started all new curriculum topics. In math we have moved past using tiles to show how to count and create mathematical equations. The kids had a packet of 10 sheets of paper that they needed to show ten different ways to arrange their tiles. Now that we have moved past the tile arrangements and using tiles for Math we are focused on creating and using shapes. The kids are using shapes to create things they know in their lives (oval = a dog). They are mostly independent with this task but need help every now and then. I love seeing what they come up with because I couldn’t think of some of the things they do.
The kids are still learning their ABC’s this week we focused on most of the last letters, they are very close with finishing the whole alphabet. We also learned this week how to use our bodies to help us spell and read. The kids are learning how to spell out words with their fingers and their arms. They take apart the words slowly and use their own knowledge to figure out the words.
Overall this week was really good, I was nervous because we were coming back from vacation and I didn’t know if the kids would be ready for focus but they were awesome and I get sad thinking about leaving them in May.