January 31st

January 31, 1911
A three hour exam in landscape gardening today. We had three hours of desk crits in planting design studio this afternoon. Lots of talk about the back to back storms coming.

January 30th

January 30, 1911
Frank spoke at a farmer’s institute about his orchard experience. He had the usual baked bean and pie dinner there. I had another quiet day working on my art projects with some school work as well. During the afternoon I made a small batch of lingonberry and cardamom ice cream.

January 29th

January 29, 1911
Frank blames colds on the dust from so many bare roads. Two of his children had to miss church on Sunday as a result. In the evening he took the train via Boston to go to Lowell. I stayed in this day to work on two new art projects. A quiet day thank goodness.

January 28th

January 28, 1911
Frank and Fred Sears ran an orchard in South Amherst, where Atkins and Applewood are today.
Honors then design studio today.

January 27th

January 27, 1911
A busy and rainy day for Frank. He used a dictation machine in his day. We can play with digital recording today. We had heavy snow last night and today. After putting my back out shoveling, I had to nurse it back to normal. Worked further on the sensory lecture later. The one on color got edited by my colleague, so will leave that as is.

January 26th

January 26, 1911
Frank lectured at 8 am, then went for a lovely walk with Alice to Orient Springs, later catching a hockey game between MAC and MIT where we won by one. My day is unfolding rather uneventfully this morning, as I shoveled away the heavy apron of the driveway, all the dirty deposits left there from our town plow. I nestled my garbage can right in a gigantic snow drift, so it would not fall over. Somewhere in there I think my entire recycling bin from an earlier town plowing job may be buried alive. Studio meeting and studio on the docket for later today preceding another snow storm predicted for tonight.

January 25th

January 25, 1911
Today Frank taught his morning class, then went to see his physician in Northampton in the afternoon. He got his new edition of Kemp’s Landscape Gardening book today! That must have been exciting since Frank edited that version. Today you can see that book online:
I had to shovel more snow today. Walking to campus and getting around is really challenging. My new copy of La natura come amante / Nature as a Lover, Richard Haag Associates by Luca Maria Francesco Fabris came today. I met Luca this summer in Budapest. He told me he would send me a copy.

January 24th

January 24, 1911
Frank lectured on art at Amherst College today which was warm and sunny. We continue to be in the deep freeze. All the water leaking into my upstairs has stopped. Thank goodness for the work the roofers did shoveling all the dormers. It was a full day with four hours advising in honors in the morning followed by four hours of studio in the afternoon.

January 23rd

January 23, 1911
It is funny to read Frank had cut a faculty meeting today. He did not have a high opinion of them. Today I worked further on the design images for the ordering principles project. I could work forever on that, with an endless supply of examples all so enjoyable to review. Not so enjoyable are the leaks coming in from my roof with the ice build up. Even with the snow raking I have done, it was not enough to prevent the drips. Try as I may to chip away at the ice with my axe hanging out the window in an inverted posture, I can not get to the root cause. So I called a roofer for professional help. It is supposed to go down below freezing tonight. Maybe the leaks will slow down then.

January 22nd

January 22, 1911
It was a quiet Sunday for Frank. For me it is a pretty stressed, demanding Saturday. I am sorting through years of award winning photos for our students to view in studio to help with their first project. And also organizing new ideas for the reorganized writing course, among many other tasks. The weekend will be bleeding into Monday with no time off for good behavior.